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The IsiBan Domain Ban Checker tool is a free tool designed to analyzes your domain & verify that it is not banned on various online platforms including Google, Facebook & Instagram.

Whether your are buying a new or an old domain, this tool gives you the confidence that the domain you are purchasing is not already spammed & it hasn't been blocked by the popular websites where you'll be promoting your content.

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This Domain Blacklist Scanner scans your url on top websites where getting banned can adversely affect your brand value, the popular websites includes:




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You just need to enter your website url or domain in the search bar & your result will appear after the successfull completion of data scanning.

In case your website detected banned in any of the top platforms, result indicating the same will be displayed in the output.

Why Should I Trust this Tool?

Isitban uses multiple layers of API & bot based automated checks to double check if the domain has not been blacklisted from an online platform, so that you can be fully sure that the domain you are investing in has not been spammed before.

Our Infrastructure is built in such a way that we continuously crawl the entire web just like the normal search engines do thereby storing terabytes of information about banned & live websites — We process large amounts of data so that you can take the right domain buying decisions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There can be many possibilities which has made you banned on a particular website:
  • You might have violated any guidelines or rules specified by that website.
  • Your website contains spam or restricted content.
  • There might be some errors in the website's algorithm.

You should first carefully check all those warnings or alert messages given by that online platform. To do so, review your emails & rectify the changes required at your domain or website page. After implementing the necessary changes, apply for reconsideration.

It would be possible that a particular website has blacklisted your particular pages or your complete website. In case, some of your pages are blocked, then you wouldn’t be able to post your content linked to those pages. But, if your domain is blocked, then your whole promotional business activities would be restricted as you will no longer share your website url or information on that platform.

Follow these simple steps to check your blocked status:
  • Enter your domain or website url on the search bar of isitban.
  • Click or Press on the Check button to fetch your result.
  • After successful completion of scanning, your result will appear.

Checking the banned status of a new domain before buying is the most important aspect which people usually ignore & endup getting a website banned on multiple platforms, which not only affects your business, but also consumes your time. So, being a smart website owner, you should verify & check the status of each domain you are planning to buy.

Yes, there are 99.99% chances that your banned domain can be unlocked as you might have violated any community standard for the first time. In that case, by following the standard guidelines or policy your website can be unblocked.
But if you have been breaking guidelines for many times, then it would make your case more severe and then you need professional help. Even then you need not worry, as isitban team would definitely help you in getting out of this problem,

Although, there is no specific time period declared by these websites. But still in majority of the cases, if your case is not very severe & you have properly followed all the guidelines, then you can expect your domain recovery within 48 hrs.
If it is taking more than the expected time period, then your case is more complicated, which can take more than 2 weeks. But still, you don’t need to panic as our technical experts will guide you, how you can make it unblock within 48 hrs.

Yes, this happened with many websites, who once revealed their domains but soon after some time period, their websites were banned for the same reasons. So, if you keep on ignoring the standard policies or guidelines, there are more chances of blocking. Moreover, this time your domain would be blacklisted for a longer period of time.

It happened with many users, who have tried each step given in the standard guidelines, but still they weren't able to unban their websites.You shouldn’t lose hope, as our working professionals have helped millions in getting out of this scenario.

Facebook blocks certain websites url or domains which have violated community standard norms or guidelines made by facebook. Although, facebook issues warnings to those websites but, after repetition of the same mistakes facebook ban them for a longer period of time.

Facebook blocks certain websites url or domains which have violated community standard norms or guidelines made by facebook. Although, facebook issues warnings to those websites but, after repetition of the same mistakes facebook ban them for a longer period of time.
  • Thoroughly read all the given instructions mentioned by facebook in the community policies.
  • Align your content as per the facebook requirements & reach the support team for reconsideration.
  • You can contact or chat with facebook support team for resolving your issue.

If you have tried all methods mentioned above, then you can use our service to unblock your domain by seeking help from professionals at a nominal amount.

When any website link or domain is blocked by facebook, then it restricts its posting or content sharing activities. So, you try to post on your blog to verify the same. You can also check this by using our isitban checking tool or if you are a developer, then you can use Facebooking debugging tool for more details.

When you try to post anything on your page & facebook marks it as spam, then it is an indication that your domain or website url is blocked by facebook. You can double check this, using our checking tool to confirm your blocked status.

Banned domain of facebook can adversely affect your business activities:
  • Your promotional activities like advertising or sharing your content with potential customers are restricted.
  • All active campaigns associated with that domain come to stand still.
  • It creates a bad picture in the mind of other working associates.
  • You can also lose your future business opportunities.

If your domain is blocked by facebook, then you should immediately check all other domains owned by you. As it might be possible to have the same kind of problem with your other websites. First, try to confirm the status of each domain and secure the unbanned ones, after that read the warnings provided by the websites & take required actions possible.

Yes, when you do not abide by any community standard laws of facebook, then it issues some warnings to make you alert. People often ignore these warnings, which resulted in getting their domain banned.

Although, there is no direct relation of your facebook account with whatsapp,but you should still ensure that you are not violating any standard policies or laws made by them.

Banning a domain on instagram will affect in following ways:
  • Restrict you from sending any updates related to your business.
  • Creates a negative image in the minds of customers or other business parties.
  • It would majorly reduce your site traffic & finances.

If your website url is banned on instagram, then you should do the following steps to protect your other websites:
  • Check all your websites linked to instagram and see if they are blocked or not.
  • Take immediate actions on the links recently blocked by instagram.
  • Apple the needful changes in your content or website & fill a request form for reconsideration.

When you bypass any major rule, then the warnings concerned with that norm are issued to your account.

There is no way to bypass spam error as it comes under the standard community guidelines which every domain has to follow.

As per the stats available with us, 98% probability is that if your facebook account is blocked for some reasons then your instagram url associated with the domain will be automatically blocked. As these platforms share some part of their activities, chances are quite high.

It might be possible that google has domained your complete domain or some of your web pages are blocked by google or you have just been penalized for some unwanted activity. Usually, when google banned any website then if you search your website on google by domain then, no results would be found.

There is no compulsion, that if your domain is banned in google then it makes you banned in google ads (formerly known as Google Adsense) as both have their own standard policies & requirements which need to be fulfilled by the websites.

Although there is no direct relation but if your content is spammy & malicious then there are strong chances that your google ads would be disapproved.

Google or google adsense blocks certain websites who violates certain community laws:
  • Mostly those websites who try to oversmart google by implementing black hat SEO strategy like -Doorway Pages, Hidden Text or Links etc.
  • Websites showing age restricted content to children.
  • Websites doing malpractices or avoiding warnings.
  • Posting Duplicate content, Keyword spamming or keyword stuffing.

It depends upon the severity of problems, if some of your web pages contained minor content flaws, then google will not show some of your web links, otherwise if you have been violating for a period of time, then it can lead to blanket ban by google.

Check the reference guidelines & policies made by google. Carefully follow the instructions given there & align your domain according to them. After that, reach out to the support team of google for the approval of the request.

To verify this go to google and search your domain if results would not appear then your domain is blocked or penalized by google. You can also cross check your banned status using our website checking tool.

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